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The Pencil Pimp

7 November
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I'm really not your average asshole. I don't know what people tend to think of me these days, but recently I've stopped caring. I am who I am, and if you don't like it you can deal. I've been told that I'm the "happy-hardcore" type, meaning that I act all stupid and happy on the outside, but I'm really just a bitter person on the inside. I don't like to think of myself in that way. I used to try to please everyone; I'm not about that anymore. People piss me off a lot of the time. I don't particularily enjoy people's company unless it's close friends and/or people I've gotten accustomed to after some time. Towards strangers, I tend to play myself off as cold. I don't mean to, it just happens. I sing. In my room, around the house, all the time. I sing everything from Britney Spears to Final Fantasy to Ryan Cabrera. Recently I've been getting myself "out there" -- I've made it into the school musical for this year (Bye Bye, Birdie) and am currently developing a passion for theater. Photography, Photo Editing, and Web Design are a few of my fortés. I am extremely passionate about the latter pair (Take a look for yourself - thin-whispersNET), and hope to further myself in them as I get older. On fashion - who really knows what I am? Somewhat of a mix between preppy and emo, with a splash of anything else I find sexy. I'm a shopaholic. I spend more money on clothes than I do on anything else. Speaking of money, I work at Build-A-Bear. Alas. Worst job ever, I must admit. It gets me by...for now. I always wanted to learn piano, but it's probably too late for that now. Maybe someday.

I'm still looking for that special someone. That feeling of possibly maybe, as much as I believe in it, it's yet to happen. I suppose lingering on the fringes of love drives me crazy. As much as I try not to be, I am a solo flier looking out over the land of Boyfriends and Girlfriends. I am three notes in the middle of a song.

Things don't always go the way I want, but I'll get by.

Kyle (because it was out of my control)
Kairu (because Engrish is for dorks)
Plushman (because squishy just doesn't describe me)
Pumpkin (because that ice cream is so amazing)
The Pencil Pimp (because one can never have too many)
Jiminy (because I'm always there when you need me)
Miss Pell (because I'm such a lady about it)
Jew-Unit (because I'm in da club)
Asshole (because I'm not so average)
Beyoncé (because I don't think you're ready for this jelly)
bad-smelling good will stores, being attacked by karyn-fu, cosplaying sphere grids, feeling nifty like whoa, foreign selections (karaoke!), george washington cookies, giving phyllis sponge baths, herpes prevention bracelets, howie day shirts, illkillyou sword, knowing that im toxic, little java children, making bitchin' pudding, not oh my crapping, offstage lines, oh my crap-ing, pimpsmacking directors, saying ell-oh-ell, saying jay-kay, sewruh and reekoo, singing high-pitch, singing weird arabic songs, yelling shiftone randomly